2 December 2014

New Portfolio Site is on its way

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 1.38.53 PM

I am so happy that my new portfolio website is almost ready. I just need to add some touches for the responsiveness and addd more awesome stuffs to it. The new design has more my personality and my style. It will be ready by next week, or maybe earlier. Graduation is also almost here, so it’s the time to wrap up all of my school project and finish strong. YAY!

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13 October 2014

Cutest Pirate Ever

3 months internship with Tugboat has made me become a fan of pirates, ships, treasures, and underwater things. Although, that companies has nothing to do with those things I mentioned. But by looking at their logos and icons that includes a lot of marine iconography, I started to fall in love with pirates. Short story, I made these cutie ship’s crews. pirate-1


Started by making the black and white version of it, I made six main crew of the pirate’s ships. The captain, woman pirate, and their crews. I enjoy illustrating each of them. After that I started putting the color that match with Tugboat’s style. And TADAAAA!! Let me introduce you to them.




10 October 2014

Designers’ Love Letter


Collecting a bunch of greeting cards – from Valentine’s card, happy birthday cards, congratulation cards, etc was never enough. I always wanted to create my own greeting card. Two semester ago, I finally had a chance to design my own lettering.


Without a lot of thinking, I believed that it was the time to use this opportunity to finally have a greeting card, love letter, or something similar and design it myself. My concept is making a love letter using a quote/words that only us, designers can understand.


I drew a bunch of sketches to see which designs worked best and after that scan it so I could start doing the vectoring on my computer. It took about 1 week for me to finalize this design. I ordered the recipe box from William Sonoma. It wasn’t disappointing at all. It is a great container to put and display those cards that I made. I can’t wait to use this as my thank you note. Yeay!

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