Oh Cool Gray City of Love…

S__5365801It’s been a month and half since I left San Francisco. ┬áTons of thing that I miss about this beautiful city. I am grateful for such a lucky opportunity to be able to live in the most romantic city in USA. City where you’ll never be freezing to death or sweating like a pig. This city has pampered me so much with its beauty and unique characteristic.


San Francisco was my first love and first venture greats galore.┬áThree and half years weren’t enough to explore this city. Although, it was me who wanted to finally go back to Asia, to explore and get familiarize with Asia culture again. Oh San Francisco, I miss your warm winter and your breezy summer. I love getting excited every time I drove to the top of your hills. I adore the beautiful panoramic scenes every where I gazed. Even Tenderloin has its beauty and uniqueness. On top of every thing, I miss how friendly San Franciscans can be.


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