29 September 2014

Color theme [updated]

$color-mandarinorange: #f6921e;
$color-leafgreen: #73b344;
$color-white: #ffffff;

25 September 2014

Grow Local Concept

Food travels from places that might be hundred miles away. It may look fresh but you can get items freshers than that. What if the ingredients of your foods are produces 100 miles from your place? What if it gets to your fridge the next day after it was harvested?

We want to encourage people to not only buying food locally but also to grow food locally. However, we understand that the it is hard to get produces that are grown locally if we live in a big city. But now, the local produces are available at our stall at the farmer market. We installed “Grow Local” interactive panel at every community garden, so those urban farmers can sell their harvest to us, then we picked the best quality items, and sell it at our stall. We want to help the community. It is cheaper from you since they are grown locally. It also benefits the community since we buy it from the locals.

*Grow Local already has already established the branding, style, typeface, color palette, and the interactive kiosk’s screen design. The next item will be a website to promote this project. Grow Local website should explain how this thing works, a way for urban farmer to join, and how how successful grow local impacting the community.